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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookjam Cloud service?
Bookjam Cloud service is to treasure and manage all books you've purchased through each Bookjam serviced apps, in one account. Our service will soon also expand to your personal books and contents. You can click on the Cloud icon to sign in to enjoy the full experience.
Which apps can I use Cloud service?
Only selected apps provide Cloud service, but will soon be available for all apps. You can click on Apps on the menu to see what apps are currently in service for Bookjam Cloud.
I want to join Bookjam Cloud service.
There are two ways to join Bookjam Cloud service. You can touch the Cloud icon inside the library of Bookjam apps. Another way is to sign up on the Bookjam website. All you need is your email, username, password or you can also use your Facebook account.
I cannot remember my email address.
I'm afraid we cannot help you because Bookjam does not collect your personal information, other than your email address.
I want to change my email address.
고객님께서 이메일 계정을 임의로 변경하실 수는 없습니다. 만약 현재 사용하고 있는 이메일을 변경해야만 한다면 변경할 이메일 계정을 적어서 보내주세요. 보내실 이메일은입니다.
I forgot my password.
Click Forgot password? on your sign in page to receive an URL that will guide you to reset your password.
I want to permanently delete my account.
Click on ▼ next to the Cloud menu to go to My Page and scroll down to click Delete Account. Please note that once you delete your account, it will be permanently deleted and all your synced apps and books will not be able to recover.
I cannot see the books I bought in Bookjam Cloud Books.
You need to sign in to the Cloud account from the app you downloaded. Your Android or Apple account may not match with Bookjam Cloud account, therefore please sign in by touching the Cloud icon inside your app.
I want to sync my app to my Cloud account.
Please first check if that app provides Cloud service. (Bookjam will gradually provide Cloud service to all apps soon.) You can see what apps currently provide Cloud service from our website. If you cannot see the Cloud icon inside your app, please update your app first.
What is Membership?
Memberships are special services provided by certain publishers. If you are a member, you can check all your membership privilege books in your Bookjam Cloud service.
I want to know more about Bookjam.
Please visit our Blog for more information.
I have other questions.
Please contact us directly. link
I want to change my username/password.
You can access to your account page to change your password. If you signed in with your Facebook account, then you can change your password on Facebook.
What is Notes?
You can see a collection of all your underlines, memos and notes you have made in different books, apps and devices, in this one Cloud account.
How do I collect all my memos in Notes?
클라우드 서비스를 제공하는 앱에서 밑줄을 그으시면 됩니다. 자세한 안내는 블로그를 참고해 주세요. link
I cannot find the books I've purchased from apps in my library.
○ 앱을 새로 설치하셨거나, 기기를 변경하셨나요? 책을 구매했던 애플계정으로 앱을 설치하고, 같은 계정으로 구매 복원해주세요. 해당 애플계정으로 구매하신 책들을 재결제 없이 다운로드 하실 수 있습니다. ○ 클라우드에서 기기등록을 해제하셨나요? 책장 하단의 구름 아이콘을 눌러 클라우드에 다시 로그인하시면 책을 다운로드 할 수 있습니다. ○ “구매복원에 성공했습니다.” 메세지 후 책장에 책이 없나요? 1. 책을 결제했던 계정을 확인해 주세요. 구매 복원을 시도한 애플계정과 책을 구매할 때의 애플계정이 달라 정보가 없는 경우입니다. 1개의 애플계정을 사용하는 경우에는 기기를 재부팅 해주세요. ios7 이상 버전에서 종종 발견되는 문제입니다. 2. 앱 설치도 책을 구매했던 계정으로 해주세요. 앱을 설치한 애플계정과 구매 복원 계정, 그리고 책을 결제했던 계정이 모두 동일해야 합니다. ○ 구매 복원 후 구매한 책 중 몇 권이 책장에서 안 보이나요? 1. 결제한 애플계정을 확인한 후 구매 복원해 주셔야 합니다. 결제한 계정으로 구매 복원을 했는데도 문제가 발생하는 경우에는 기기를 재부팅 해주세요. ios7 이상 버전에서 종종 발견되는 문제입니다. 2. 2개 이상의 계정을 사용해 결제했다면, [앱 설치] -> [구매 복원]을 계정별로 시도해주세요. 2개 이상의 애플계정에서 결제하신 경우라도 하나의 클라우드 계정에 모든 도서를 통합하여 등록할 수 있습니다. ○ ios7 업데이트 후 안되나요? 앱을 최신 버전으로 업데이트해주세요.
[책장에 책이 없을 때_1]
[책장에 책이 없을 때_2]
[책장에 책이 없을 때_3]
I cannot see the books I bought on my tablet.
You can also read your books in your tablet by: Store > Purchase List > Purchase Restore. However, you must install the app under the same Apple account you've purchased your book. You must do the same with Purchase Restore to avoid paying again.
What is Purchase Restore?
You can do this inside your app to be able to read books you bought from other devices. If you changed your device or re-installed your app, please restore purchase.
It says that my purchase restore was a success, but I cannot see the books I've bought in my library.
1. Please check the account you've purchased the account. This may happen if there is no payment information in the account you've tried purchase restore. Purchase restore will be successful only if the account you've installed the app, purchased the books, and restored purchase is all the same. 2. If you are only using one account, please reboot your device. This happens often in iOS 7 or higher versions. 3. If you are using a promotion code, please input the code again.
I just bought books from the app, but I cannot see them in my library.
This is a temporary network error. Go to Store>Purchase List>Purchase Restore to restore your purchase, or buy the book again. You will not be charged again for already bought books.
I want to buy books inside the app, but I cannot make purchase.
1. This can happen if the network is unstable. Please try again with better connections. 2. If the message, "Cannot make purchase" appears, then please completely turn off your device to reboot again. This may be a temporary error, but if it continues, then you should contact the Apple Support. 3. Purchase may not be available if your registered credit card date has expired, or reached the limit. Please contact your credit card service provider or Apple Support.
The price of contents is different from what I actually paid.
○ 1달러가 추가 결제되었어요. 1달러 결제는 애플 계정에 등록된 카드 정보가 유효한 정보인지 확인하는 가결제 과정입니다. 유료 앱을 처음으로 구입하는 경우나, 오랜만에 유료 앱을 구입할 때 1달러 결제가 되기도 합니다. 가결제된 1달러는 자동으로 다시 환급되오니 걱정하지 않으셔도 됩니다. ○ 구입한 책 가격과 결제 금액이 달라요. 두 가지 경우를 생각해 볼 수 있습니다. 첫번째 경우는 얼마간의 시간 차를 두고 여러 개의 앱을 구입했을 때입니다. 예를 들어, 어제 앱($2.99)을 하나 구매하고 오늘 다른 앱($1.99)을 또 구매한 경우, 결제 확인 문자(또는 메일)가 따로따로 오지 않고 합산($4.98)되어 발송되는 경우입니다. 이는, 사용자가 앱을 구입한 그 순간 애플에서 바로 결제 확인 문자를 발송하지 않아, 마치 오늘 산 앱($1.99) 가격이 $4.98처럼 보이는 사례입니다. 두 번째 경우는 해외 결제 이용에 따른 카드 수수료입니다. 달러로 가격이 표시된 앱스토어 서비스를 통해 앱을 구매하신 경우이므로 회원님이 하신 구매는 해외결제에 해당합니다. 이 경우 몇몇 카드사에는 ‘해외 결제 수수료’를 책정하는데 금액이 더 나왔다면 수수료가 붙은 경우라고 볼 수 있습니다. 카드사에 문의해 수수료율을 알아두시면 좋으실 것 같습니다.
I want to refund the books I've bought from the app.
- Books bought from Apple App Store Please go to: Appstore to request refund through iTunes Store Support. - Books bought from Google Play You can refund your books from Google Play within 15 minutes of purchase. If you open the app in Google store, then you will be able to that the purchase button has been changed to refund button. However, if time has passed more than 15 minutes, then contact us directly.
I want to erase my purchase list.
You cannot erase your purchase list. You can hide your purchase list on iTunes. Go to iTunes>App Store >Purchased and put your mouse on your app icon to see ⓧ button. You can click on that button to hide your purchase list. If you want to restore the hidden purchase list, go to iTunes>Accounts>Hidden Purchases
I tried to buy books inside the app, the it says 'Cannot Make Purchase.'
This message may appear if there is a problem with your account information. You credit card may have expired or cannot be used. Please contact your credit card provider or Apple directly.
I see this message in my app: "This account is not a test user account. Please create a new account in Sandbox. [Enviornment : Sandbox]
This message can appear in iOS devices, with iOS 7 or higher. You can reboot your device if this message appears. If the problem continues, then please contact Apple directly.
I got an alarm message in my app that says "Renewal Failed".
This may happen if your purchase Apple account and purchase store account were different. Please check your Apple account. Then you may erase the app and re-install with the account you made purchase, go to Store > Purchase List > Purchase Restore
I got an alarm message in my app that says "Download Failed".
1. This can occur if you have more than 5 devices registered to your app. To manage your devices, touch the Cloud icon from your app to sign in to account. Go to Device under Bookjam Cloud on the menu, to Device Settings to unregistered your device. Then you can try again. 2. Download may not be possible in uncertain environments. (ex. hacked phone)
I got an alarm message in my app that says "Cannot make in-app purchase."
This message may appear if you had not allowed purchase on your device. Go to Settings on your device > General > Restrictions to allow in-app purchase.
I cannot remember which Apple account I used to purchase my books.
Take the following steps to find out which Apple account you used to purchase your books. 1. You can check your email registered to Apple to check receipts sent by Apple. 2. If you cannot check your email address, you can open iTunes on your PC> Account Information > Purchase History.
I've cannot see the books I've bought from the app in iBooks.
iBooks is one of different plateforms to read books on your device. You can only read books by Bookjam on our own platform, as you can only read Amazon books on Amazon platform.
How can I register my book to Cloud from my app?
Touch the cloud icon on the bottom of your book library which contains the books you purchased. Once you sign in, your purchased books will automatically register on Cloud. You can now sign in with your Cloud account on a different device to check your registered books. You can also check your purchased books from other devices on your Cloud account.
I cannot find the books I purchased on the book list.
This can happen if your purchased books are not registered on Cloud account. Purchased books will automatically register on Cloud, but sometimes fail to do so due to user environment. Please restore purchase after you sign in to Cloud.
I want to delete books from book list.
Books cannot be deleted once you registered purchased books on Bookjam Cloud.
I made both email and Facebook accounts.
1. If your email and Facebook email are the same, then your account will be integrated as one account. 2. If your email and Facebook email are different, then there will be two separate accounts.
I have signed up to Bookjam Cloud with my Facebook account. What else do I need to do if I want to delete my account?
If you want to erase your app connections with Facebook, go to Settings > App > Delete Apps